Shipping and returns

    Shipping and returns

    How do you receive the order?

    Through our success partners from local companies such as




    Internal delivery through our agents


    How many days does my order take?

    The delivery time for customers depends on the location of the customer and the chosen company at the end of completing the payment, and the period of delivery of the order through shipping companies reaches 1 - 5 official working days, taking into account the official holidays (Friday - holidays).

    And internal delivery through our representatives. Currently, the order will be delivered within 4 hours, depending on the customer’s location


    How much will the order deliver?

    The shipping fee is fixed at 35 riyals for small and medium items, and large items. The final shipping price is calculated on the checkout page.


    What are the areas currently covered?

    We cover all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia